The Constitution of Kirkcaldy Photographic Society.


The Society shall be called the “Kirkcaldy Photographic Society” and it’s object shall be the communication of new and interesting information to it’s members for their mutual benefit.

The Society shall be affiliated to the Scottish Photographic Federation.  Members of other affiliated Societies will be admitted to meetings on presentation of credentials.


The Society shall consist of Honorary, Ordinary, and Concessionary members.  

Concessionary members shall consist of Student, Unemployed, Senior Citizen, Junior, or as amended from time to time by the Council.

Honorary members shall be persons appointed by the society at it’s AGM in recognition of their services to photography or the Society.

Membership shall be open to all interested in photography and acceptable to the Council.  Members shall, at the discretion of the Council, and under the conditions prescribed, have the use of the apparatus of the Society.  

Members shall pay to the Treasurer of the Society an annual subscription on entry and at each subsequent enrolment, which will be at the commencement of each annual session. .  The amount of the annual subscription for the following year to be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Junior members shall be persons under the age of 18 years whose interest in photography constitutes membership of the Society, at the discretion of the Council.  

The Council may, at its discretion, withdraw any of the privileges of membership from any member whose annual subscription is not paid within 6 months of the due date.  In the event of a subscription unpaid for 12 months after it is due, the members name shall be removed from the roll.  

New members joining part-way through the season will be asked to pay a fee on a pro-rata basis, ie. half way through the season will incur half-fees.

Members who are awarded Society owned trophies, or those who borrow Society equipment, may hold such items in their homes for the agreed term at their own risk.  Members should ensure that they have appropriate household insurance to cover loss in the unfortunate event that this occurs.  


The affairs of the Council shall be managed by a Council comprising a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a minimum of 8 other members who may be given specific responsibilities to ensure the effective organisation of the Society’s activities during the term of office.  

The President shall hold office for one year, but shall be eligible for re-election provided that his/her term of office does not exceed three years.  The retiring President shall be ex-officio a member of the council for one year.

The other office bearers and members of Council shall be elected at the AGM and shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election at the end of that period.  

No members shall be elected to the Council in absentia unless his/her permission has previously been given in writing to the Secretary.  

In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Council for whatever cause, the Council shall have to power to fill this vacancy by co-option.  

At meetings of the Council five shall have a quorum.  In the absence of the President and Vice-President the meeting shall elect a Chairperson.  

At the meetings of the Council, the Chairperson shall have a deliberative and casting vote.

The duties of the Council will include the organisation of and the formulation of: rules for meetings, exhibitions, competitions, and any other activities of the Society; the control of the Societies property and finances; the formulation of and enforcement of rules for the use of the Society’s premises and apparatus.

The Council will have the power to expel any member of the Society whose conduct is prejudicial to the Society’s interest, after having given the member the opportunity at the meeting of the Council to explain his/her conduct.  

The Treasurer shall receive payment of all monies due to the Society and shall each year prepare a statement of the Society’s financial position on the last day of March for submission to the Auditor before the AGM during April.  Funds of the Society shall be lodged in a commercial bank. Withdrawals from the account being made only if necessary documents are signed by two of the following office-bearers: President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary.


An ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) of the Society will be held near the end of the session, each year, on a pre-determined date set by the Council, for the following purposes:

Receiving and adoption of reports from the Office Bearers and Auditor;

Consideration of amendments to the Constitution;

Election of Honorary Members, Office Bearers, and Auditor for the following year;

Determination of the amount of the Annual Subscription for the ensuing year;

Other competent business.

A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING will be called (a) by the Council on a majority vote, or (b) by the Council on receipt of a petition sent in writing to the secretary  and signed by no fewer than ten members of the Society, not less than fifteen days prior to the meeting.

At the Annual General Meeting ten members shall form a quorum.  In the absence of the President and Vice-President the meeting shall elect a Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall have the deliberative and casting vote.

ALTERATION to this Constitution may only be made at an AGM (or at a Special GM called for this purpose). Notice of motions to alter this Constitution, duly proposed and seconded, and given to the Secretary in writing not less than four weeks before the AGM/SGM and shall be issued to the members of the Society not less than fifteen days previous to the date of the meeting.  A motion to alter the Constitution will be carried if not fewer than two-thirds of the members present are in favour.  Following total adherence to the rules for altering the Constitution the following clause will now be observed.  

In the event of the Society being wound up, the assets will be given to an appropriate community group in Kirkcaldy as determined by the outgoing committee.  This would include all monies, equipment, trophies – all assets.


The Society’s Premises shall not be used for work bringing or intending to bring financial gain to a member or to a close associate, and the Council shall be arbiter in cases where this rule is suspected to be infringed.  Subject to this rule, the Council may at it’s discretion sanction the use of the premises for work of a cultural or educational nature.  


The Council will arrange annually insurance cover to PUBLIC LIABILITY outwith the Society’s premises, Society equipment stored within the Society’s premises at a level of value considered by the Council to be appropriate at their annual review.  

Members must abide by the Constitution on joining the Society and observe and adhere to any Health, Safety and Welfare rules and regulations imposed by the conditions of hire of the premises laid down by the landlord.

All as amended and agreed at the Annual General Meeting held on 09.05.2016 – Martin Watt as President.