Projected Digital Image Competitions
(Novice and Advanced)

Projected images are digital files (usually jPEG or TIFF) that contain a photograph (ie an unprinted image).  The Society’s competition rules will follow SPF rules where-ever possible.

There are five digital image competitions, divided into two categories – novice and advanced.  For advanced workers, the results of all five competitions count towards each person’s annual League total.  For novices, it is the best four out of the five competitions that count.

One or two digital files, in either colour, or monochrome, or a combination thereof, may be submitted to each competition.  They will be judged and marked out of twenty by an independent judge. Only the higher of the two marks is counted towards the League score.  

All digital files are to be submitted in the following format:

Mode – sRGB colour, eight bits only, or greyscale, eight bits.

File format – jPEG or TIFF (no compression).

Image size – 1600 pixels horizontal, 1200 pixels vertical, maximum.

N.B. Dots (pixels) per inch (dpi) is totally irrelevant for PDIs.

Images must not contain layers, they must be flattened prior to submission.

The image itself must not display the title or author name.

The image file names are to consist of the image title, and the entrant’s Society membership number as ID, separated by an underscore - eg “ThatBloomingBridge_37”.  

Files can be submitted on disc, or via portable memory loaded onto a laptop computer on hand-in night.  Email entries will be accepted only by prior arrangement if there is no other option.

Projected Images and Prints for competitions must be handed in on or before the date requested.  Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

The submitted entries will be retained by the Society for 1 year, as a pool of entries from which to select external digital competition entries.  If a member wishes to withdraw his entries from external competition, they will need to inform the Competition Secretary of this, otherwise permission to submit will be assumed.

(Please note, if you are not sure how to resize your images, please ask a committee member.)