Print Competitions (Novice and Advanced)

There are five monthly print competitions, divided into two categories – monochrome prints, and colour prints.  Each of these categories is divided into novice and advanced.  For advanced workers, the results of all five competitions count towards each person’s annual League total.  For novices, it is the best four out of the five competitions that count.

One or two prints may be submitted to each competition section.  They will be judged and marked out of twenty by an independent judge.  Only the higher of the two marks is counted towards the League score.  

The size of the print can be any size up to 50cm x 40cm.  The print MUST be mounted on a suitable card mount 50cm x 40cm.  

The back of the mount should show the following details – the Club name, a title, the author’s membership number and the category it is entered in, and nothing else.

Colour and monochrome prints may be home processed by the member, or trade processed.